180 years of History

PMH Vinicole and Marmonier : 180 years of innovations

Picture MARMONIER PMH Vinicixole


Félix MARMONIER, a brilliant inventor

He creates a workshop to build wine presses and equipment near Lyon, in Bourgoin. He multiplies the innovations with discernment: ball wine press, American faucet, auto-click wine press, spiral springs with accumulation of energy

In 1874, Félix MARMONIER filed the patent of the presses said “American” which had the technological leadership of Établissements Marmonier on a world scale.


Some drawings of the time…

logo PMH Vinicole

CWG Equipements integrates the wine business of PMH in 2009

A team of buyers, from the ranks of PMH, continues the activity and adopts the trademark PMH Vinicole. Refocused on its sector of origin, the wine industry, the buyers are driven by a strong desire for innovation and service. As a result, the company is expanding its range of proven wine equipment by developing innovative solutions, among which, in 2009, a new generation of wine pumps marketed under the brand nameOENOPOMPE®

Innovations are going well…

remote control case oenotelec

In 2011, PMH Vinicole announces the launch of l’OENOTELEC®, the first universal wireless and high frequency remote control dedicated to equipment control.

oenoflux debimeter flowmeter wine oenology wine pump

In 2014, PMH Vinicole is the first manufacturer to equip an electromagnetic flowmeter on a wine pumping group. Associated with the wine pump OENOPOMPE®, the on-board flowmeter OENOFLUX® was born. A floweter that facilitates the operations of barreling, transfer and assembly.

wine remote control vinicole oenotelec

In 2015, PMH Vinicole is the first manufacturer to propose a remote control with digital display for a wine pump. The company optimizes the use of its wine pump and delivers all of its OENOPOMPE® with a new remote control with digital display, very long range, rechargeable by induction and single coding.

touchscreen colors oenopompeIn 2016, PMH Vinicole is the first manufacturer to provide solutions for controlling pumping operations via touchscreen integrated or remotely (WiFi). A comfort of use noticed and for the benefit of the cellars and users in cellar.

harvest reception table mistral 140 Vaucher BeguetIn 2017, PMH Vinicole integrates the know-how of Vaucher Beguet, specialist in the table reception for harvest top of the line and automatic sorting tables..

2018: a new production site, a new ambition

Siège social usine batiment headquarter Montanay France

It is north of Lyon in Montanay (69), that PMH Equipment (the new official name of the company) will now produce all the equipment PMH Vinicole. In the heart of a well-equipped business area and served by the A46 motorway, this new, large and functional production facility is the company’s new headquarters, leaving the historic city of Bron behind.