August 2015 – Réussir Vigne magazine

Article Réussir vigne / août 2015

Wine pump PMH Vinicole, outsider or innovative?

An interesting article shedding light on technological developments that now knows the wine pump. This equipment knows real developments both in its control mode, with or without remote control, and at the level of the many features now available on a wine pump through the add value of embedded electronics.

Remote control, programming of pumping time, flow control or just touch screen control, these technological contributions that knows the wine pump contribute to the comforts of thousands of cavists in the wine cellar, and increase productivity.

However, grading in three points proposed by Gautier Dufau, editor of this paper suffers from some inaccuracies. The wine pumps, FRANCESCA, are presentes in the wine industry, for many years, which gives them a indisputable reputation. However and contrary to the informations given in this article, the first pump with integrated electronics, that some call “smart pump”, is due to PMH Vinicole who created and marketed in 2009, a wine pump named Oenopompe, including, supplied as standard, a timer with a signal by LED confirming the order. Secondly, to have created and marketed in 2013, the first remote control  high frequency named Oenotelec, for controlling the wine pump Oenopompe but also other brands of pumps.

It was only in May 2014 that the manufacturer FRANCESCA marketed a multifunction remote control with battery, called RADIOM1.

Far from being an outsider, PMH Vinicole has demonstrated its capacity for innovation by enriching trivialized equipment with modern features, which today are applied to most parts of the competing pumps.

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