The adventures of #Mario in Italy

Mario pompa italia winepump italy

Do you know a Mario?

From January to March 2018, a communication campaign was organized in Italy for cellar masters and winemakers accustomed to racking, bottling and other wine transfers in the cellar. A print campaign, original and unpublished, relayed by two professional Italian magazines VVQ VIGNE, VINI & QUALITÀ et IMBOTTIGLIAMENTO.

With a smile, PMH Vinicole wanted to stage the adventures of Mario, a cellar technician a little unlucky, but for whom, the Oenopompe is the answer to all his misadventures. Our Mario will smile way back again as soon as using its remote control with screen, as soon as programing of stop via its flowmeter, and will appreciate the control of the dissolution of oxygen thanks to the Oenopompe … practical and thoughtful solutions in a single wine pump.

Any resemblance to real situations or to existing peopple or had existing can only be… logical! Indeed, we all met or had an echo of a Mario who, in a cellar, experienced such a mishap. So, you too, if you are a witness or have heard of a Mario in difficulty, call Pierre François (Export Manager) at +33 607 54 21 60 because we have the solution: it’s the Oenopompe!

Oenopompe is a concentrate of technology at the service of a wine pump with helical lobes
and with preparation and setting that make all the difference


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