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Chalvignac, distributor of Oenopompe in Cognac

PMH Vinicole continues to expand and announces a major representation agreement with the CHALVIGNAC Equipements Company, distributor in Charente.

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Trophee trophy lionel corgié TPE VSE VSB année year 2020

“TPE of the year 2020” trophy

PMH Vinicole receives the TPE of the Year 2020 Trophy on the occasion of the 15th Fête de l’Entreprise, a fair organized in Lyon by the PROGRES Group and the CPME, (Confederation of Small and Medium Enterprises) of the Rhône region.

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Simei 2019

PMH Vinicole at Simei 2019

We really enjoy to come and see you to the next Simei (Pavillon 9, Stand S01) in Milan, Italy.

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PMH Vinicole to Sitevi 2019

We give you appointment in Montpellier on a surface of 160 m², Hall A1 C45, during this great professional meeting from 26th to 28th November 2019.

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celebrate 1000th oenopompe

Celebrate with us the 1000th OENOPOMPE

On the occasion of the output of the 1000th lobe pump OENOPOMPE, celebrate with us this event and try your luck to win this famous pump in service in more than 600 domains around the world.

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PMH Vinicole at Vinitech 2018

Find us in Bordeaux stand C408 Hall 3, on the occasion of this great professional meeting from 20 to 22 November 2018.

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logo magazine la vigne revue viticole

May 2018 – La Vigne wine-growing journal

More fun, the pumps? The market for wine pumps is changing. Is the comfort of use compatible with the wine pump of tomorrow, as smart as it is? Discover how PMH Vinicole considering the future …

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Mario italia italy #mariostop

The adventures of #Mario in Italy

With the smile, discover the adventures of Mario, a cellar technician a bit unlucky, but thanks to the Oenopompe will find the solutions to each of his problems.

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enolitech pmh vinicole oenopompe

PMH Vinicole in ENOLITECH 2018, Verona (IT)

We will be present in Verona, Italy at the 21st ENOLITECH 2018 (Hall F – Stand D6), from 15 to 18 April 2018.

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Oenopompe PMH Vinicole Il Corriere Vinocolo pompa-del-vino

February 2017 – Il Corriere Vinocolo

An article dedicated to the Oenopompe considered as an innovative wine pump including for the Italian market.

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enolitech pmh vinicole oenopompe

PMH Vinicole in ENOLITECH 2017, Verona (IT)

We will be present in Verona, Italy at ENOLITECH 2017 (Pavilion F – stand I5), from 9 to 12 April 2017.

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pmh vinicole vinitech 2016 bordeaux pompe à vin équipement reception vendange en cave

PMH Vinicole to Vinitech 2016

Find us in Bordeaux stand C409 Hall 3, on the occasion of this great professional Rendez-Vous from 29th November to 1st December 2016.

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January 2017 – Das Deutsche Weinmagazine

An interesting and documented article signed by Bernd Weik and published in the magazine Das Deutsche Weinmagazine of January 2017. PMH Vinicole is cited as an innovative company.

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wine pump oenopompe qualifiée bnic pompe vin alcool

April 2016: Tested and qualified by the BNIC from Cognac

The Bureau National Interprofessionnel du Cognac (BNIC) announces that tested and qualified the elastomer component of the helical lobes OENOPOMPE®, the main materials in contact with liquid and central parts of the wine pump PMH Vinicole.

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logo magazine la vigne revue viticole

February 2016 – La Vigne wine growing journal

The new remote control OENOPOMPE®2015 in the spotlight among other remote controls.

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GFA La vigne vitisphere

December 2015 – La Vigne wine journal /

An article wrote by the editorial team of the magazine La Vigne / Vitisphere, mentioning the innovations presented at the 2015 Montpellier Sitevi exhibition.

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Le paysan vigneron cognac charente

October 2015 – The Paysan Vigneron Cognac

For the first time, PMH Vinicole is mentioned in the french magazine Le Paysan Vigneron in Charente. The new generation OENOTELEC®

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PMH Vinicole at VITeff 2015 (Epernay-F)

Discover our wine pumps on the stands of our partners MCGS Vinicole (Hall Bull A9) and CSGV (Hall Champagne AB42).

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logo Reussir Vigne

August 2015 – Réussir Vigne magazine

The onboard electronics is increasingly present in the design and functionality of the pumps, making them “smart”. The Oenopompe is rightly cited as an example!

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