crusher adjustable mobile FR14X1P from PMH Vinicole

The crusher: a classic

The grape crusher is the equipment which bursts the grape berries during the crushing operation.

PMH Vinicole offers a range of three models with a crush flow from 5 to 25 tonnes/hour and which adapt to the different types of equipment able to receive the crusher.

Our different types of equipment:

The adjustable and mobile one FR14X1P 
Can be handled by two people, the flow of the fresh grapes is suitable for working at 5 to 14 t/h. Crushing is very precise due to a spacing of the cylinders, adjustable from 2 to 8 mm. The equipment can be use alone, on a tank or mounted beneath our destemmers OE9 and OE16.

The adjustable and mobile equipment on stainless steel trolley: FR14X1CT (picture)
Same model as FR14X1P. This mobile crusher on wheels, is specifically designed to be used after a sorting table and over all makes of grapes pump.

The adjustable equipment with integral gap: FR 25
The fresh grapes flow is adjustable from 15 to 25 t/h. Crushing is very precise due to a space between the cylinders, adjustable from 2 to 100 mm. The integral spacing of the cylinders allows non-crushing or free passage of the grapes (patented system). This crusher is designed to be used beneath the 0E25 destemmer. It can be used as a stand-alone, over a vat or all makes of grapes pump.


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