Agrifood pump

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SMARTPOMPE®: a volumetric pump with helical lobes

A modern agrifood pump

Our lobe pump with flow meter can pump everything: juice, wine, beer, alcohol, lees, musts, thick liquid, oil, high temperature liquid, detergents.

Designed to provide the best pumping quality and withstand the demanding conditions of use in the food industry, the SMARTPOMPE® is distinguished by its innovative helical lobe rotor pump technology and its versatility of use.

4 models of agrofood pumps are presented:

■ 15 to 130 hl/h :

SMP 130

■ 25 to 250 hl/h :

SMP 250

■ 30 to 450 hl/h :

SMP 450

■ 100 to 600 hl/h :

SMP 600

More than 1,200 pumps in use in spirits, wine and olive oil.

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An agrifood pump of high technical quality (without equivalent) …

Tested and qualified by the BNIC in Cognac (see the press release from April 2016)

Guaranteed “zero pulsations”, continuous, smooth, the SMARTPOMPE is free of anti-pulsating cylinders generating bacterial pollution and difficult to clean (unlike piston pumps rotary, peristaltic and piston).

■ The flow of liquid is continuous, no stirring or emulsion, thanks to the technology of the helical lobe rotors (unlike the piston pumps the flow does not undergo sudden changes of direction).

Reduces up to 5 times the dissolution of oxygen during transfers (see article from La Vigne February 2014)
Automatic motorized butterfly valve: guarantees complete watertightness of the pump at standstill
Mechanical warranty 5 years, excluding wear parts – On-board electronics warranty 2 years
Easy maintenance: Extremely quick disassembly of the front flange for rotor extraction

Selling points…

  • Volumetric pump light and mobile on trolley
  • Reversal of pumping direction
  • Operating pressure up to 4 bar
  • Vacuum suction capacity up to -5 meters
  • Ability to empty piping after transfer: almost total
  • Easy cleaning and total emptying (no fluid retention in the lobe pump)

Afficheur lcd monté en série sur une pompe a vin OENOPOMPE

LCD display

■ easy adjustment of settings
■ display of pumping parameters
■ comfort in use

Télécommande à induction pompe à vin smartpompe

Remote control

■ rechargeable by induction
■ very long range
■ battery charge indication
■ digital display
■ unique coding avoiding interference

Customize your SMARTPOMPE with our options …

Electromagnetic flowmeter SMARTFLUX®

integrated flowmeter
■ precision of the encapsulation, reassembly, transfer, assembly
volume programming to the nearest liter

7″ color touch screen

écran smartpompe tactile couleur

■ facilitates interaction
■ operator comfort
■ more comfortable viewing

Environnement ATEX

pompe atex

■ Qualified for operations in ATEX zone (under explosive atmosphere)
■ Handling of alcohols, brandy, spirits

But also…

SMART ELECTRONIC : automatic barrel filling and racking
SMART REGULATION : adjustable regulation of the pump by pressure or by temperature
SMART DRIVE : external control of the pump by other equipment
BY GRAVITY : free flow, with or without counting (SMARTFLUX)
RUN DRY SENSOR : with adjudtable timer

Technical characteristics…

■ Helical rotors, NBR nitrile elastomer lobes (butadiene-acrylonitrile copolymers) and guaranteed without sulfur or phthalate
■ Drive and speed adjustment by on-board electronic motor controller
■ Connections DN40-50-70 or according to your standards (MÂCON, S MS, DIN, etc.)
■ Very robust construction: all INOX
■ Complies with EC regulations
■ 10 meters of electric cable with standard plug

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*Les noms de nos équipements SMARTPOMPE® et SMARTFLUX® sont des marques protégés car déposés auprès de l’Institut National de la Propriété Industrielle (INPI).