Counter Portable OENOFLUX


Mastering the transfer with this portable meter

Designed to calculate your transfers of wine and other agri-food liquids, the Portable Oenoflux counter uses the proven technology of the debitmeter to integrate it with the requirements of mobility.

In perfect autonomy on a stainless steel chassis, it measures and transcribes live transfer information on a display. Thanks to a certified accuracy of 99.7%, Portable Oenoflux guarantees you the precision and the control necessary for the filling, reassembly, transfer or assembly of wine.

3 models of portable volumeter :

Compatible with all fittings: Mâcon, Din, SMS, etc…

Download the documentation (french)

Hightlighs :

– Light and mobile counter
– Counter of any volume
– Easy to install
– Does not require any maintenance

Counter display (detail) :

Afficheur oenoflux portable

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