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Trophee trophy lionel corgié TPE VSE VSB année year 2020

“TPE of the year 2020” trophy

PMH Vinicole receives the TPE of the Year 2020 Trophy on the occasion of the 15th Fête de l’Entreprise, a fair organized in Lyon by the PROGRES Group and the CPME, (Confederation of Small and Medium Enterprises) of the Rhône region.

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Agrifood impeller pump SMARTFLEX

SMARTFLEX®: a flexible Impeller pump A special agri-food pump Racking, transfer, barrel filling, filtration, bottling… our impeller  pump can pump everything: juices, wine, alcool, beer, oil, must, cleaning products… Designed to provide excellent pumping quality and withstand the demanding conditions of wine use, the impeller wine pump SMARTFLEX stands out for its robustness and practicality in terms of […]

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Counter Portable OENOFLUX

Mastering the transfer with this portable meter Designed to calculate your transfers of wine and other agri-food liquids, the Portable Oenoflux counter uses the proven technology of the debitmeter to integrate it with the requirements of mobility. In perfect autonomy on a stainless steel chassis, it measures and transcribes live transfer information on a display. Thanks […]

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Something wrong in that newsletter !

Obviously we should improve it. Well, let’s go. Your help is valuable to us. Let us know what we need to optimize, any errors to correct or questions that we should definitely address in a future issue. Please take contact to Pierre François by e-mail ( or by using our contact form. Thank you for your help.

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It seems we can improve our newsletter!

We will do our best … it’s promised! Our goal is to informe you as much as we can about our actualities. Can you help us improve future issues? Is there a topic we should explore further? What kind of content do you expect? Do not hesitate to inform Pierre François by contacting him by […]

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You seemed enjoyed by our newsletter!

It is awesome! Our goal is to continue to meet your expectations. We will try to inform you as much as possible about our news at the level of the firm PMH Vinicole or the range of our products. However, if you are interested in a particular topic, do not hesitate to inform Pierre François […]

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Agrifood pump

SMARTPOMPE®: a volumetric pump with helical lobes A modern agrifood pump Our lobe pump with flow meter can pump everything: juice, wine, beer, alcohol, lees, musts, thick liquid, oil, high temperature liquid, detergents. Designed to provide the best pumping quality and withstand the demanding conditions of use in the food industry, the SMARTPOMPE® is distinguished […]

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Label O2 Dissolution under control

Toutes nos pompes à vin sont conçues et mises au point individuellement afin de respecter un taux d’échange d’oxygène au plus bas. Nos résultats sont allés au delà de nos espérances.

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Counter on a pump

A counter / flow meter for barreling operations and liquide transfers In its on-board electronics range, PMH Vinicole proposed a series of innovation in 2015 and 2018 including the integrated flow meter OENOFLUX®, a counter for strengthening the pump user experience on OENOPOMPE and SMARTFLEX on which the flow meter is installed. This electromagnetic counter provides […]

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7″color touch screen

The 2015 “collection” of our OENOPOMPE wine pumps has seen several pioneering innovations.

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OENOTELEC®: Technical features

Technical features Transmitter box – Remote body ABS, ultra-durable and waterproof – 3 buttons for easy and ergonomic use – Signal transmission in digital High Frequency 2.4Ghz – Reception indication LED micro – Up to 10 different channels   Receiver box – ABS case ultra-durable and waterproof – Parameter settings and reading functions by digital […]

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Designer and manufacturer of wine pumps and winery equipment

PMH Vinicole designs and manufactures equipment to optimize harvest processing and user comfort. A range of equipment including: Wine pumps, Conveyor belts, Grape sorting tables, Crushers, Destemmers, Grape harvest pumps, Valves, On board electronics

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Our range

PMH VINICOLE develops its range of equipment in the same way as you cultivate your vines…..

Each innovation is the result of many years of continuous improvement and the use of proven techniques.

Further information

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Sitevi 2023

News and Exhibitions

Welcome to SITEVI Montpellier 2023 from 28 to 30th Nov. – Meet us on our restyled 160m² stand Hall1 C045

Come discover our latest equipment and other innovations.

Ask for your free INVITATION!

Meet us

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revendeurs PMH Vinicole dans le monde

References & Distributors

In the last 20 last years, over 8,000 pieces of PMH Vinicole equipment have travelled around the world, through PMH Vinicole’s distribution network.

Further information

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spare-parts-pièces-services-PMH Vinicole

Spare parts & Service

Committed to serving its customers, PMH Vinicole constantly strives to guarantee operational availability of its equipment, from the most recent to the oldest.

Its logistics set up and customer services are founded on an efficient information system and a close relationship with distributors and customers. This guarantees a fast response to every service or spare part request, wherever its customers are located.

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