Wine pump OENOPOMPE / Agri pump SMARTPOMPE

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OENOPOMPE: a modern wine pump

A multi-functional helical lobes wine pump

Barrel filling, racking, transfer, filtering, bottling, thermovinification
Our wine pump with flowmeter (innovation 2015) can pump everything: juices, wines, alcohol, lees, musts, de-stemmed grapes, high temperature juices, cleaning products.

Designed to provide the best pumping quality and to resist the demanding conditions of winery work, OENOPOMPE® is distinctive for its innovative helical lobed rotor technology and its wide range of potential applications.

Four wine pump models

  • 15 to 130 Hl/h : OENOPOMPE® 130
  • 25 to 250 Hl/h : OENOPOMPE® 250
  • 30 to 450 Hl/h : OENOPOMPE® 450
  • 100 to 600 Hl/h : OENOPOMPE® 600

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A top of the range volumetric wine pump…

Tested and qualified by the BNIC in Cognac (see the press release from April 2016)
■ Continuous, smooth, guaranteed jolt-free flow
■ Innovative technology with helical lobes
Up to 5 times less dissolved oxygen during transfers (see article from La Vigne magazine – February 2014)

■ Light, mobile, robust, 5 years breakdown cover
■ Easy draining, cleaning and maintenance
Barrel filling by electronic pressure sensor: regulation, automatic stop and restart
By-pass kit: stainless teel, manual settings
Automatic motorised butterfly valve: guarantees full impermeability when the pump is shut down

LCD display

wine pump OENOPOMPE LCD display

■ easy adjustment of settings
display of pumping parameters
■ comfort in use

Remote control

OENOPOMPE High frequency remote control induction for wine pump

rechargeable by induction
■ very long range
■ battery charge indication
■ digital display
■ unique coding avoiding interference

7″ color touch screen

oenopompe color touch screen

■ optional
■ easy interaction
■ easier adjustment
more comfortable viewing

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Electromagnetic flowmeter OENOFLUX®

Integrated electromagnetic flowmeter OENOFLUX for wine pump ONEOPOMPE

■ optional
■ integrated electromagnetic flow meter
accuracy of 99.7 % in mesurment
■ for barreling operations, wine assemblies, transfers

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by Pierre-François Casassus, Export Manager during Vinitech 2018

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